Michelfelder targets to progress in the sector as a leader

boru3As a specialist in the stainless steel technique and processing with laser, Michelfelder that is producing special pipes and complete sheet iron products made of steel and stainless steel platines with laser welding targets to be the leader of the sector in the field of Laser Cutting and Welding.

As a company of the German Michelfelder Group, Michelfelder Lazerteknik completed its establishment in 2008 in our city of industry Bursa and continues its operations. Having stated that they target to provide safe and effective services to their customers with the support of the determined Turkish employees and experienced German staff, the Chief Executive Officer of the Michelfelder Ümit Koçak said that “Special short pipe production and Laser Pipe and Section cutting are our weighted business fields. Michelfelder Group of Companies provides services as one of the most comprehensive suppliers for exhaust and thermal technologies since 2008.” At their work place in the Organized Industrial Zone of Nilüfer (NOSAB), we made an interview with the Chief Executive Officer of the Michelfelder Ümit Koçak who added his words that Michelfelder desires to be famous with its laser technology.

Mr. Ümit, let us begin by knowing you at first?

“My name is Ümit Koçak. I have been in Bursa for 3 years. I was in Austria before this period. I was working in an automotive supporting industry company in Austria. That company where I worked produces fuel pipe systems, water pipes and lubricant pipes. I established a company here on being tasked by the company where I worked with a title of General Manager and I worked there until it became profitable and I handed my job over at the end of June. Since August, I have been working in Michelfelder as the Chief Executive Officer. We intend to accelerate the growth of our businesses with new connections and promotions here, as well.”

Would you inform us about the development process of the Michelfelder and its situation in Turkey?

“Michelfelder Lazerteknik was established in 2008 in the city of industry Bursa as a company of the German Michelfelder Group. It provides safe and effective services to our customers with the support of our determined Turkish employees and experienced German staff. In this regard, the most important customer of the Michelfelder is the Bosch Termo Teknik located in Manisa. Bosch management desired specifically Michelfelder Group to produce in Turkey due to its reliable services for years in Germany. It is our pride that Bosch Termo Teknik selected our company as the supplier of the year in 2012 which has been the most important customer of our company since it was established. The fact that one of our important INOKSAN also selected us as the supplier of the year is not a coincidence, on the contrary, they are the admirations obtained by us as a result of our stable and reliable processes.”

Michelfelder has a modern equipment pool. Would you give information about your equipment pool?

“Our modern equipment pool allows precise and economic cutting and processing of the steel and stainless steel pipes, sections and sheets. Special short pipe production and Laser Pipe and Section cutting are our weighted business fields. Michelfelder Group of Companies provides services as one of the most comprehensive suppliers for the exhaust and thermal technologies since 2008. Our company that targets to progress as a leader in the laser sector acquired a special laser cutting machine to the structure of the company for the processes of cutting, boring and emptying of the sections and the pipes in 2012. We make production of short pipes by laser seam welding with the machine that first came to Turkey. We make production of short pipes which are not available in many pipe companies by inflecting them, by laser seam welding and by processing them.”

Would you give us information about laser process?

“Rational cutting and welding processes for complex products. Our experience in our company is the guarantee of high quality for laser cutting and welding. We perform steel and stainless steel cuttings for your specific uses with our modern CNC machines. In addition to the production of high quantities, the production of small quantities is also performed economically and reliably. On the other hand, Michelfelder means laser cutting, reliable process, on time shipment and continuous availability, as well. Our laser cuttings which do not require mold costs especially in sampling works are economical since it is not necessary to perform trimming and many similar processes in the mass production. Especially, our process makes significant contributions to the products of our customers in terms of reliability and repeatability.


Would you give information about Michelfelder laser pipe and section processing?

“Our laser pipe and section processing machine provides multi aspect processing opportunities with high precision for steel, stainless steel, aluminum pipes and sections. Our pipe and section processing machine can process the pipes and sections having a length of 6500 mm up to a diameter of 168 mm. They are processed as a reliable process with our 2.4 kW laser provided that the thickness of the material is maximum 5 mm.”


Who uses mostly the short pipes in Turkey?

“They are currently used in Termo Teknik largely. Furthermore, we can also produce conical pipes. Or we can produce by inflecting the sheet having holes. These can be used in the production of the catalysts and the exhausts. There are similar users. We perform laser pipe cutting. Currently, we are the sole company in this field in Bursa. On the other hand, we make production for Karsan. We perform cuttings of the chassis sections of the minibuses and buses of the Karsan. In fact, that machine facilitates many phases of production in a sense.”

Furthermore another business field of yours is special steel productions for industrial kitchens. What are you doing in this field?

“Another business field of ours is the production of special stainless steel products for industrial kitchens. Other than that, we serve in the use of the laser technologies and the production of the complete welding groups. In this regard, our customers value flexible and high ability and fast and reliable services we give in various fields. On the other hand, since the core structure of Bursa region comprising of largely Automobile Industry, Steel Processing and Textile Industry is based on the stainless steel processing, it provides multi faceted opportunities for Michelfelder Lazerteknik. Combining the technological cooperation with the domestic suppliers, we make production to our customers always with the same quality. We work with Inoksan in this field in Bursa. Other than that, our works continue with new companies.”

In how big an area and with how many personnel do you perform these productions?

“We continue our operations in Bursa Nilüfer Organized Industry Zone in an area of 1000 square meters and with a staff of 15 persons. Furthermore, in the field of sales and marketing, we continue to progress with our personnel whom we tasked in these fields.”

Germany and Turkey… What kind of a balance is there between them?

“In Germany, laser cutting sector develops faster. In Turkey, on the other hand, there are not many companies working in this field. 2D laser cutting is settled. But little has been accomplished in the field of other section processing. Among the major reasons, it is possible to cite that the qualified work force in Turkey is low and that the cost of this technology is high while it is new.”

Would you give information about the general condition of the sector where you operate?

“Laser technology develops each passing day. Many products are now produced specifically in this sector. And most important is that the companies are now producing in accordance with the requests of the customers. We intervene at that point and we contribute to the R&D’s of our customers with our experience in the field. In fact, the companies using laser technology increase their ranges of products more. I estimate that the market will grow faster towards that direction.”


You want to come to the fore with laser cutting. In that regard, R&D has significance for you. Would you mention about your R&D activities? As our activities in Turkey are at a certain level, a great part of our R&D activities continue in Germany. In that regard, many activities of ours are performed centrally in Germany. But we target to grow in Turkey. Thus, we would like to grow our production area by occupying a new place in 2014. We would like to bring new machines, one or two in addition to the existing machines. After we achieved a certain size, we will have to perform R&D in Turkey.”

How is the second half of 2013 for the company? What are your targets for 2014?

“As we are a growing company, we are in a continuous development period. We try to fill our new equipment pool. That will continue in 2014, as well. It shows that the number of the products which we produce for Bosch Termo Teknik will increase more than we expect here. And that shows that this production will increase more in Turkey.”

In summary at last, how have you observed Turkey between 2008 – 2013? Furthermore, will you go out of Bursa?

“In this regard, we do not want to remain constrained only in Bursa in 2014. As our main customers are in Bursa, we are also in Bursa. As the vital point of the automotive is in Bursa, we should be in Bursa. On the other hand, distribution of this technology throughout Turkey should be accomplished. We will do our best to succeed in this field, as well.”

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