Kardemir will begin 3 million tons of production after 9 months

kandemir1General Manager of the Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR) Corporation Fadıl Demirel said that the investments targeting 3 million tons of production started to be completed and that they will begin 3 million tons of production after approximately 9 months.

General Manager of Kardemir Fadıl Demirel said in the statement he made that the plant which was launched as if its roof will fall down onto our heads approximately 10 years ago reached a contemporary and modern position that will compete at the level of the world with its investments by using the human productivity at the highest point. Saying that “now it is not possible to talk about the falling roof of the KARDEMİR any more as before” Demirel stated that “while the production was at the levels of 600 – 700 tons in those periods, now we make an actual production of 1 million 900 thousand tons. In April or May of the following year we will have produced exactly 3 million tons. Currently our coke plant is completed and 60 per cent of it, gas systems started to work and the furnaces are at the heating stage, they will start its production after 45 days. SİMTER factory was completed. It operates now. Casting equipment with a capacity of 1 million 300 thousand tons started production. We can say that the investments targeting 3 million tons of production are about to be completed. After 18 months, rolling plant which will make round production will start to work. Our new rolling plant which will produce quality round steels is a very modern rolling plant, our expectation from that is high. It will be a rolling plant which will produce various qualities used by the automotive sector. On the other hand, the plant to produce train and wagon wheels which will cost 140 million dollars and which will be completed in 30 months will be completed, as well. This plant of ours will produce 200 thousand train and wagon wheels annually, as well. Such a plant or a plant producing train wheels does not exist in Turkey. We said that we will produce 3 million tons with 3 thousand workers. Production per capita will be thousand tons in a year. Such a facility, let alone its falling roof, became a facility which has a significant competition infrastructure in the world in each environment in its field. KARDEMİR management and employees expend considerably significant energy while reaching that position. We know that very large support of the public is also with us. We are aware that the hearts of the people of Karabük beat for us. We are doing this to be beneficial for the KARDEMİR employees, for Karabük and for our country. We try to bring this to the best position and try to manage it as best as we can. I thank everyone whose heart beats for us”.


Stating that they attach great importance to environmental investments, Demirel said that “Our factory is in a significant change, transformation process We have significant investments related to the environment. Pollution does not only comprise of solid wastes discharged into air and water, but noise and view are also pollution. We take steps to change the surrounding of the entire facility. In short, the surroundings of the KARDEMİR are not as before. We are a facility, that is environmentfriendly, in which everywhere is green, whose buildings are new, whose plants are new, which works profitably, which practices certain automation systems and contemporary management techniques, which is brilliant, which has productive humans and high productivity.”


By explaining that they will sell electric abroad with the power station using gas fuel which started to work and they will provide an additional value to the economy of Turkey Demirel stated that “The power station which we started up produces 30 Megawatts of electricity and that amount will increase to 50 Megawatts in the near future. In addition to that we have a Hydroelectric Power Station project and an old power station. The electric produced by them is in excess of our use. Since our meters are double directional, excess electric will be sold and it will also record the amount we buy from outside, and they will appropriate the amounts at the end of the month. We will sell our excess electricity. Thus we have an obvious plus here. And that plus of ours will make a contribution to the economy of Turkey. In this facility which was constructed by us on an area of 20 thousand square meters and which costed us 62 million dollars in total, the gases which get out of the high furnace, coke furnace and steel plant and which we throw out of the chimney are collected in the gas holders, they are mixed, burned in that facility and 50 MW of energy is obtained. Heat is not wasted from the lines, as well. Steam is produced completely and it transforms into energy. We do not have any heat waste.”


Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR) Corporation started trial production in the 50 MW Gas Fuel Power Station after completing its assembly works the investment of which began in 2010. The trial production of the 50 MGW Gas Fuel Power Station which was constructed by the KARDEMİR Corporation 3 years ago on 20 thousand square meters and which costed 62 million dollars started with sacrificing animals with the participation of the Chinese Company Officials. The trial production of the power station was introduced to the press with the ceremony attended by the officials of the Chinese Constructer SFECO Company following the test works started on 30th June 2013. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese SFECO Company and the Chairman of the Delegation Zhang Linfa and Top Management and Chinese Journalists and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of KARDEMİR Mutullah Yolbulan and the Chief Executive Officer Fadıl Demirel and the directors of the facilities attended to the introduction ceremony organized in the General Directorate of KARDEMİR Factories for the first time.


Indicating that they started the investment 3 years ago and the main equipment was acquired from China, the Chief Executive Officer of Kardemir Fadıl Demirel stated that other equipment was provided in Turkey and said that “The most important characteristic of the project is that certain burnable gases which were previously discharged into air by the KARDEMİR are not now discharged from the chimney, they will produce electric energy. In other words, the raw material of this power plant is free of charge. Therefore, it will produce a significant value added for our factory. Regarding investment operation, very few staff will work there; it is a fully automated working facility. Considering the costs and the working human force, it is a contemporary investment. At the same time, it is an environment friendly investment. It conforms to the expectations in our era, it does not discharge wastes into the atmosphere and it is an investment using the gases going into the atmosphere better. The electric power used by the factory under current conditions is 70-75 MGW. This facility produces alone 50 MGW. Together with our old power plant KARDEMİR reached a position where it does not buy electric. We will reach a capacity of 3 million tons of production next year. Now, our production capacity is 2 million tons.


18 MONTHS Our new rolling plant will start up after 18 months and our new train wheel plant will start up after 30 months. We continue to grow. As we continue to grow, the requirement for energy will grow more. Our company accomplished significant steps to solve the energy problem. We are grateful to the SFECO Company which has contributed to us in that direction. The course of the project was a little difficult. With our effort and fast work, it was completed on time. If there are deficiencies in the implementation stage of the project, I request from the company the analyses will be performed. I wish the project will be beneficial. I am grateful to my friends who worked a lot to realize this project.”


The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SFECO Company stated that their target was to complete the project on time and the project was completed as targeted. Linfa indicated that he was pleased to see that the facility was completed and to see its chimney while he was coming to the city and said that “I observed that KARDEMİR has a very long history and it is an energetic and competitive firm as well. We signed an agreement 3 years ago with the Chief Executive Officer in China. We are very pleased to see that the project is realized. We put great efforts here to do whatever we can. The project is a very modern project. It is very nice in the name of KARDEMİR that the waste gases are transformed into energy. In addition to being an environmentalist, transforming the waste gases into energy became a reason why SFECO came here. With such a facility, using and transforming the waste gases into energy and your contribution both to the environment and to the society are your belief which is close. Society and environment will bring additional success to you. When you consider it in the long run, it will return to you profitably, as well.”